Base Raid protection

Hi all,

i’m planing to creat a mod to protect bases from 00 to 09 AM

Anyone who have tips to do it, let me know


I don’t know if it’s possible to do with a mod, if anything a Total Conversion would be needed…

As it stands, the current base protection “mod” is a DLL injection method outside of the game completely, but development seems to have stopped although the source was made available.


are you talking about this mod ? :

No, that’s something else, and is apparently also inactive.


Exactly what WM said.

I am using the said plugin in my server - Weekdays 24hrs protection on bases / structures.

Its customisable and able to do what you wanted.

are you talking about this one ?

Yes, that is the DLL injection method I referred to.


the problem is that i’m using linux for my server :frowning: this DLL are for windows

Hello !

Owner of BaseDefender here, sorry for the inactive mod.

I’m currently re-downloading the Dev Kit to get it up-to-date very soon (today or tomorow).

If it’s enough for you, just wait for it !

I will probably take the time to document :smiley:

There you go. Not sure if you are still around.