Base Material - What Would You Like?

Hey mates.

As someone used CryEngine for a long time I really missed a “combined and ready” material in UE4 that is all basic and most used components are gathered conveniently and working fast (enough shader compiling already !). So I decided to make one. I also wanted to ask community what functions of the material editor they usually use so that I can add them too.

For now you have:

  • Maps for Diffuse, Normal, Parallax
  • Metallic, Roughness values.
  • Emissive lighting color
  • Emissive light power
  • Tiling control.
  • Parallax Node controls

So what else people who dabble in the editor (especially “art” people) use ? I guess I’ll also add them and put this out from the lowest price possible out there (whatever that is).

Here is how it is gathered.

So waiting for answers. Good devving everyone ! :smiley:

Static and dynamic Pan and rotate. You can enable/disable dynamic behaviour with a staticswitch.

  • tesselation bump map and tesselation factor for sure
  • normal map factor to increase and decrease normal map, negative values would be nice, too for inverting the normal effect
  • possibility to add maps for metall, roughness and specular
  • specular map

Also something that will allow you to easily change the brightness of the diffuse map :slight_smile:

Wow ! Lots of nice requests coming up. Great. Keep’em coming mates. I’ll make list and get to business one by one when they pile up. :wink:

Hey mates. A little update.

I got everything you wanted except for panning. I’ll get it working soon and then start the reliability test with a friend. When it passes finally will get it to marketplace.

Thanks for all the feedback :wink:

  • some kind of colour changer for the diffuse map would be super. so you dont have to go back to photoshop for tweaking …
  • detail maps for closeups
  • overlay maps depending on angles, for something like snow or moss

Now if you could do the same for a transparent material you are golden.

Also a dirtmap for the reflections that you can tweak in intensity gives a whole lot of richness to your shader as well. I will pay for this!

would add a specualar map
AO texture
Small Parallaxing
Make an instance for WET painting

Hey mates ! :smiley:

Finally gathered your requests and implemented them. Currently sent them to a friend for testing.


-Static and dynamic Pan and rotate

  • Tesselation (map and tesselation factor)
  • Normal map factor
  • Maps for metall, roughness and specular
  • A simple diffuse map brightness factor
  • Diffuse map color (color and factor)
  • Detail maps (Maps, factors and scaling)
  • AO texture

Down below I also tested it with Translucent and Human Skin setups. Simply just changed the lighting type.

Also I would like to take your opinion. Would like to keep all the variables in one place like this or would you like to see them kept under different subjects like “Parallax” and “Detail Maps” ?

Thanks for the feedback. Gonna release this as soon as possible.

Good deving everyone :wink:

Hey mates sorry for the great delay. Had to deal with school first.

So I am finally ready to release this. Tested it quite a bit and confirmed the stability. The only thing left for me to you ask this once more, and then we will be on our way.

Would like to keep all the variables in one place like this or would you like to see them kept under different subjects like “Parallax” and “Detail Maps” ?

Just tell me this and let’s do this :smiley: