Base/Master Materials broken with last update

Summary: Fridays (Sept.29) Ark dev kit update seems to have broken several base and master materials that are parents to several other materials. Ones that I’ve noticed are primarily environmental static meshes, such as rocks and fallen trees. This seems to be related to a new material function “MATF_ObjectSnow.”

Issue: Some base and master materials broken. Can confirm BM_Trunk_DN, MM_Rocks
Material gives following error:
Error [SM5] (Node BreakMaterialAttributes) Cannot connect a non MaterialAttributes node to a MaterialAttributes pin.

Issue related to either “MATF_ObjectSnow” material function and or “Enable Snow” switch parameter. Most likely added in last update for snow biomes.

Workaround: until fixed the above nodes can be bypassed by linking the output of the “makeMaterialsAttributes” node to the “Attr” input of the “BreakMaterialAttributes” node.

i dont excatly understand the workaround :confused:

Open the offending material.
Find the “MATF_ObjectSnow” node and the “EnableSnow” node.
Delete them
Find the “MakeMaterialAttributes” node and the “BreakMaterialAttrubutes node”
link the output of the “MakeMaterialAttributes” node to the input of the “BreakMaterialAttributes” node labeled “Attr.” Note “Attr” is the name of the input not the node.

**It’s possible that just deleting the two offending nodes is enough as long as there is still a link between the “MakeMaterialAttributes” node and the “BreakMaterialAttributes” node. I did not check if the link would remain or not since I bypassed the offending nodes instead of deleting them. I’m not at my desktop at the moment so I can’t check.

If you don’t understand how to link them, there’s a “pin” on the right side of the “makeMaterialAttributes” node. This is that nodes output. If you left click that pin and while holding down left click move your mouse away and you will draw a line. This is a link. You need to connect this line to the input pin labeled “Attr” on the “BreakMaterialAttributes” node. Which is on that nodes left, or input, side.

NOTE: These changes will only affect your local dev kit build. Any updates to the dev kit will break them again unless the devs have fixed it. It’s possible that these materials in the actual playable build are not broken, I have not checked. And since I haven’t heard of any players complaining about it they probably are not. This issue is probably only a editor related issue. If they are then you would need to include the edited materials in a mod or TC.

Thank you for your time Nanobot,

I would only like to know a few things as a newbie user,

  1. What do you meen with ‘‘Open the offending material’’ because i would think to seek into Paint/Instance Settings of the object? ( Do i need to delete it via the Content browser? )
  2. Also ive been looking all over the screen to seek : makeMaterialAttributes to pin it to BreakMaterialAttribute… but am not having any cleu how, what, or were?

When dobbleclicking the material that aint working you can see under the “Instance Parents” the Material “MM_Rocks” dobbleclick that.

Now fix it as shown below:

Or delete “MATF_ObjectSnow” and “Enable snow”.