Base LookUpRate isn't working, can't figure out why


I’m trying to replicate the camera controls from the default character to a custom character. I copied the blueprint exactly as shown and for some reason the TurnRate works just fine, but the LookUpRate doesn’t. I only have horizontal control of my camera, not vertical. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here. Any help?

My blueprint is on the left. The default characters is on the right.


Double check what the axis value is perhaps?

How do I do that? I didn’t do it with the TurnRate so I’m not sure how. I’m assuming that’s different from the float number.

Project Settings → Input

This is where you define the axis, perhaps you forgot to.

Yep, I’m using a controller, so those are set up.

Looks good. Is the event actually firing?

Well its in the same blueprint as the turnrate and that works just fine. It should be, not sure why it’s not. Just a moment and I’ll link you my project.

Just checking; if in doubt, plop down a Print String node and see if it fires or use the debug filter to see the execution flow.
The custom character is the one on the left and that plays by default. The default character is the one with the purple light over his head.

It’s working alright, I plugged in a print string and got a ton of hellos.

I think you attached just a project file. That won’t work. It’s just an empty scene. The custom character blueprint might work if I migrate it.

Did you copy the values in the class defaults/class settings (I keep forgetting wich one is wich XD). You can find them the in the top, in the toolbar.