Base LOD not rendering

not sure what the problem is, I have imported a base LOD and imported Lod1 in the static mesh window for the asset, I changed the build scale but left everything else as default, in game the lod1 renders at the correct distance, but if you get closer to the mesh it disappears which I’m assuming is the base lod switching in, but why isn’t it rendering?

anyone got any ideas as why my lod0 isn’t showing up? it works correctly in the static mesh viewer, but in the game it doesn’t render is there something I’m missing?

Is this happening with just a special mesh or with all?
Could you probably upload the file somewhere so that we can take a look at it? :slight_smile:

it happens with all of them, I have a custom procedural corridor bp that I’m using, the level of detail displays correctly in the editor viewport but when I play in editor and approach the wall lod1 shows but as soon as I get within the distance to display lod0 the mesh disappears, I’m sure its got to be some option somewhere.

I’ve nearly got this figured out, it’s not that the mesh isn’t rendering it’s that when the mesh switches out for the higher res there’s a gap in the distance between the old mesh and the new mesh, where no mesh is rendered.

I figured this out for anyone having the same problem, detail mode ( scalability settings) need to be set higher than the LOD detail settings, hope that helps someone