Base damage and armor values

I have found the dino status values where you can adjust stuff like weight, melee % and such. However, I can’ t find the actual base damage for a dino nor it’s armor values.

Base damage is in the (Dinoname)_Character_BP blueprints.

Do you know where the status values for players can be found? I’m trying to change what weight level players spawn with, and also have it apply to players already on a server.

I have some similar questions. How are the values for each stat interpreted by the game? A few things I am trying to do right now is improve the raptor so that it is a viable mount even late in the game, giving the bird its “infinite” stamina back, and adjusting values so that the game can be more of an adventure than a desperate effort of survival (no hunger, thirst, or temperature effects on player or tamed dinos).

Any help is appreciated.

Someone replied to my similar question on a thread I made, I don’t know if it’d help your situation though.

Any news on this? I would love it if my tamed dinos couldn’t starve.