Baroque Mansion - 5 Week Student Work

Hi everyone. Thought I would show what I’ve been working on for a bit over 4 weeks now for class. I really hate showing my stuff online, because I don’t feel like I’m good enough really, but the only way to get better is by getting feedback, so here goes!

This environment is influenced a lot by Resident Evil 1, Gears of War, and some other environments I’ve seen on Polycount. I wanted to make something that looked abandoned, and give a feel of having been so for a long time. I really like giving my work some sort of story, and this time I’ve added 3 newspaper articles telling of the fate of a young couple, who owned the house, leading to it being abandoned. About 95% of all textures is made by me in the Substance packages.

I still have a few more days to work on this. Deadline is this Friday at 4PM, so any feedback is greatly apreciated!

The ceiling in the bathroom, and roof above have collapsed, and that’s what’s letting all the light into the bathroom by the way!

It’s not baroque, more like Victorian age/style. If you like to build historically correct environments then you should not copy from other games, but rather the real stuff. So look on the web for real references, like paintings, drawing, photos of still existing interiors.