Barcelona Pavilion

Hello guys!
After two months, I finally finished this project with my buddy, Daniel Falci. I had to create and re-create many ways of lighting this. The textures were made using Substance Painter, Substance Designer and some textures were painted by hand. For trees and grass I used SpeedTree and 3ds max.
We will release a virtual real time class talking about the original project, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
It’s running at 120 FPS on a Geforce 980 Ti.

impressive!!!work!!! always inspiring!

Amazing work as usual!


Amazing work!
A breakthrough in the research of photorealism with EU4.
How is made the material Glass Satin?
The lighting? Static Skylight for intern + Stationary Directlight for folliage?

Wow, that looks incredible.
Can’t wait to try. Are you going to sell it?

Thanks guys!

There is no dynamic lighting in this scene. The glass satin was made using a mix of emissive color and planar reflection.
The project will be avaiable soon, I’m just finishing some minor details.

Here are more pictures showing the ue4 x photo comparison!





Looks impressive. Icing on the cake is fps, that it’s running at 120 fps.

Did you do any performance optimization?
Also, how big are your Foliage/tree meshes in terms of poly counts. I always get a hit on fps even after cleaning and using speedtree for UE models.

It’s amazing.

I’m a completelly newbye with it and I can’t wait to start migrating from my Corona render engine to make all these things but…I don’t know how and from where start and I also didn’t know the right workflow for doing these kind of things.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

Sweet baby jesus!! Those materials are spot on man! Very well done :slight_smile:

The pictures don’t do the project justice. You have to see the materials, especially the travertime, in-game on ultra @ 2560x1440 !!!

Im curious about the lightmass baking time really…why there didn’t mention that… :frowning:

Wow, inspiring, congrats!