Barcelona Pavilion

Hi guys! I’m working on my second UE4 project: the Barcelona Pavilion.
This is a work in progress so I’m open to criticism.






Does anybody know why you can see the background image here?


And here too



Hi aviel08,
I think it’s really a good start, for my tastes too much frigne value (in Photoshop I always use chromatic aberration, but in Unreal even using minimal values gives too strong results), the external texture seems not match the light intensity of the environment, did you try to add the texture to the emissive pin of the material? (maybe better with a multiply node attached)


…can come out a great material, have you got its normal and specular map?. Can you share the settings of your glasses material?, I’m not able to produce a sligthly colored front color glass with strong color at its sides…even the frosted glass is so painful for me :frowning:

Cheers, Paolo

Hey Paolo, thanks for your comments. I think you’re right, I went overboard with the post production and I also gotta fix the background image. In theory I should model as much as I can.
Here’s a snapshot of the frosted glass


And I think you were asking for the travertine textures too?. I was quite hard to find good images online, lucky I took some when I visited Barcelona :slight_smile:


Looking good! I also did this project a while back to learn UE4 and figure out a workflow from revit. Here’s how it came out, I never shared it here as I never finished it:
I too struggled with the frosted glass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep going, my only comment would be that it seems a little washed out at the moment. You’re travertine is much better than mine!

Thanks for all the informatio aviel08, I always use CGTexture for finding good texture for free

WOW! way to go czoog! Why wouldn’t you show this? I think it’s great!!!
Good or bad materials is matter of finding the right texture, I didn’t have much luck at it so I created them myself.

Cheers Paolo!

Looking good, the DOF could use a little work. Keep it up. =)