Hello everyone.

My name is Jose manuel and I am working with my partner Yerai Gonzalez and we are working on a project for final degree and we are using Kinect V2 with Unreal Engine.

Our project is based on a game as Temple Run but we want to move our character with kinect; this project is based to people with pyshical problems our kids that need some type of rehabilitation exercises, doing it more dynamic and enjoyable than traditional “games”. Actually, we got a simple “level” with coins and some obstacles and i open this thread because since 2-3 days we have got a problem with Main Menu that when we click on Start button (simulate) it starts Main Menu of the game and the level (game) starts on second plane. and we don’t know how to check this to play well.

PD: we can send a copy of our project if you want see our little advance. Any kind of help is well received.

You can contact with me with this email:

Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

                       Jose Manuel

Actually, main menu works but when i press start game, the game starts but the widget with the main manu doesn´t close and the game is started