BankRupt - Looking for 3D Environmental Artist

Hello, I am Dementei, Project Manager & Level Designer for an upcoming game called BankRupt.

Game Information
BankRupt is a multiplayer 80’s themed heisting tactical FPS, centered around robbing mega-corporations and escaping out of city sectors.Teams include include Crew and Police, where as Crew attempt to rob and escape, Police try to stop them from escaping with the loot. Teams are asymmetric, each team has a different loadout of equipment to choose from. Squads are created by players, and leaders manage their own squads’ respawn locations dynamically either using the Police dropship or Crew teleporter.

We are currently looking for a 3D Environmental Artist to create our city buildings, roads, and alleys using our concept art shown below for reference. They should have experience in creating cities and somewhat stylized texture creation. It would be preferable if one could work for royalty, but we do have a budget to have this done as well, half of a grand at least.

If any artist is interested and would find yourself suitable please reply to this thread, send a PM, or an email, and we’ll figure all of the details, thanks!

Email: [EMAIL=“”]

Update, we are still searching for an Environmental Artist, please don’t hesitate to email or PM me for more information. Thanks.

Hi , i’m designer and architecture student , i can do this work but just need details as plans and facades or pictures and dimension
i would like to know what type of details you will provide to me and the time that work should be done ( sorry for my english is just because its my 3 one )
waiting for more information

Still looking for a suitable artist.

Hello, I’m currently working as a envoriment designer in a small studio here in Brazil, but our money is short and I’d like to have more income, as well as profissional experience. Your artstyle is exacly the one I was looking for to making a portifolio of (haven’t started yet because I’m still looking fo references that will inspire me). So I’m interested in it. If you could brief me more I could work something out for you.

hey im a 3d environment artist and I’m currently looking for work, here’s my portfolio: if you think I can help please get in touch with me through private message or through my website.

I’m currently looking for paid work as a graduate that’s struggling to find an entry-level job that*** doesn’t ***require 2 years of industry experience so I’m very interested in this. My website’s at ‘’ if you’re interested.