Banging my head against the wall: A rig for blender

Heya guys!

I’ve been working for weeks trying to get a rig working for my character.

I’ve tried rigify, but it’s too hard to do weight painting with a million bones, and plus it’s too complex for a game, I would think.
I’ve also tried using the armature for the blue character in the old 3rd person template, but when I rotate bones to correct their rotation it goes all crazy…

I’m at the end of my rope. I literally want a rig simple as the 3rd person template, plus a few customization i can do some other time. Anyone have any ideas? ;_;

Thanks so much!!

Have you a two legged humanoid? (screen?)
It is not to hard to rig something in Blender.
Rigify is good for animation, but if you ask me, not for gaming.
Found you that before? Google
I do not use it, but for others it is helpful.
Ask specific, where your problem is.
Rig? Rigging? Weight paint?

Ah, I didn’t realize that guy updated to the newer rig, Ima check that out, many thanks!
I’ll get back to ya’ll on whether it works nicely :slight_smile:
Basically I’ve been trying to find a rig without having to make my own, since sadly I am no animator nor am I a modeler… I’m a programmer. Sadly I must do all this shniz :frowning:

EDIT: Looks like I have the same problem… I’m having trouble moving around loads of bones to fit my specific character…

Do you know, how to move bones, and the difference between Pose and Object/edit mode for bones?

Take a look at there you can export with different skels.
Importing and shaping your own clothes - humans, is possible too, but not to easy with that shape key setup.

I’ve looked at makehuman before, and I should probably look into using it before… I personally am not sure if I wanna use it since I like loads of personalization. But hey, who knows? :smiley:

I think you need a bit more practice with your modeling program.

Weight painting and rigging is major pain, but usually you should be able to rig the whole character from scratch in a day (or half of it) even if you’re an amateur, unless we’re talking about something insanely complicated (centipede, maybe?)

That includes weight painting all the bones (there’s usually somewhere between 40 and 120 of them for humanoid).

Also, see this thread:

I had lots of problem with Blender Vs UE4 at first too!
Mainly that even though the weight painting looked good in blender, it got mangled and twisted in UE, also some animations were jittery and/or off scale.

Tried the UE Tool addon but found the UE rig to clumsy and didn’t quite meet my needs.
Eventually I found out that I had to get the “FBX Master Exporter” addon for blender and “Autodesk FBX Converter” and now every rig, weightpainting and animation works perfectly!
I’m using a custom rig for my character since, as mention above, the rigify rig is a bit over-complicated for game use.
But I’ve tried both Rigify and MakeHuman rigs with this setup and everything works like a charm!

Not entirely sure what Autodesk FBX Converter actually does except for making the files a bit smaller, or if it’s really needed.
Haven’t tried without it and it’s free (and extremely easy to use) so what the hell, right? =)

If you have trouble to reposition the bones in the hand, you can change your snap settings to ‘Volume’. Don’t forget to activate it by pressing the magnet icon besides. It can be found in the bar of your viewport. This setting will align your bones in the middle of the volume.


@NegInfinity I’ll look at thank link, thanks!

@Flodino Aye, I’ve actually grabbed that plugin and changed the code so it works for me personally. The exporting is fine, it’s just the actual creation in blender is making me ****** :slight_smile:

@MrRabbit Aye, I’ll do that! Mainly the problem was moving so many bones, like 20 in the hand all messy… and then I’d have to calculate roll, which doesn’t work for the template rig… ;_;

I’ve decided to make my own rig from scratch, from this tutorial. Thanks so much for all your input, ya’ll the best! :smiley: :smiley: