I’ve seen many posts about multiplayer stuttering, and that the default bandwidth settings are on the low side, but I don’t have any good frame of reference to where to start tweaking those settings. It could be 3 or 3 million I wouldn’t know which one is wasting my time by trying. If it helps I have a number of projectiles and each client is replicating 3 transforms every tick. Thoughts?

Bandwidth is usually not even the problem but rather Ping. In times of 56K modems you’d value every byte, but even with the slowest DSL ever you have no problem sending and receiving 100 stat values every tick, Of course you try to minimize these - but honestly like 3 transforms every tick is nothing. Players move, they shoot, their projectiles move. In a 3D shooter that’s normal.

For most transforms you can’t really optimize much. Players move, it gets replicated, end of story. Cook early, cook often, test drive a lot. But with your attitude you’ll probably never run into problems.

With very complicated games you can sometimes raise thoughts like “an integer is cheaper to replicate than a float!” but if you reach that level then maybe you already have other problems.

3D shooters are always a challenge to people with a high Ping and not much you can do about it. And Ping is not a bandwidth problem. If you’re really curious you can use something like wireshark to record packages received and transmitted, but you’ll see the bandwidth use is rather small for a common 3D shooter - even with loads of players. Ping matters. Chinese players will have a serious disadvantage on an american server and vice versa. And you’ll never be able to change that i fear (Unless you switch to a turn based game).

I thought that would be the case but I think maybe I started googling the symptom and found diseases that matched it. People were talking like it was normal to have to raise the bandwidth settings.
Its the projectiles that are the main concern, they are VERY jittery and I want players to be able to deflect them ala Link vs Gannon. Right now its impossible. I’ve also found some posts regarding jittery Projectiles being a known issue. Has anyone else experienced this? The game is simply unplayable multiplayer right now and its only 10 projectiles on screen at any given time.