Bandicam error, and FPS counter broken

When using the engine version 4.9.2, Bandicam won’t record, and the FPS counter doubles the printed frame rate.

Bandicam error says: Failed to start video capture

When I use the command t.maxfps 30, the engine caps the frame rate to 30, and even FRAPS shows 30 FPS, but Bandicam shows 60 FPS. The command t.maxfps 15 would make the FPS counter of Bandicam print 30 FPS. So the value is always doubled, though that’s obviously a false value.

Bandicam is up to date: However, I do not have any problems with the Unreal Engine 4.8.3. Not even 4.10 Preview 4 does have this problem. I hope it stays this way, the next engine version would actually fix this.

Beside testing on my own project, I also tested with the First Person start up project. All three engine versions were freshly downloaded and installed. I don’t think that wrong engine settings caused the 4.9.2 version to miss behave.