BalloonB ~IOS~ 1 game 1 month 1 engine 1 dev !

Hi :smiley:
Just to show you my small 2D game that I made in 3 weeks with enreal engine 4~
UE4 is very cool to make some very fast and easy gameplay games :slight_smile:


See you :slight_smile:

Pictures or video would be nice, as I don’t have itunes, nor an IOS device. Regardless, congrats!

These are the picture from the Itune Store :
ab3c4c749293d774cb7dc5e222935e66bd6bc308.jpeg ebb402b9d171877bca335c392401e03c9a8b879c.jpeg
I have some few more image on my Twitter during my dev :
It’s very simple 2D game :stuck_out_tongue: !
I should make a video you right :rolleyes: I didn’t made it because I can’t upload it on the itunestore ><’ I don’t have any MAC… haha :mad:
Anyway thank you and have a good day :slight_smile: