Ball with viscosity

Hi guys! I already searched in a lot of places but I haven’t found any solution. There’s any way to make an object as a fluid, for example, make a ball but instead of being solid have a viscosity/certain level of fluid? Thank you!

a possible way to do this is create an asset (static mesh/ skeletal mesh) in 3d app and import (for skeletal mesh, with animations.) nVidia’s PhysX DCC plugin for 3ds Max/Maya could work as well.

With nVidia’s DCC PhysX plugin, you could configure the Cloth Simulation to the Sphere and configure it to to blend with the geometry.

I am still learning PhysX DCC plugin, so i apologize if this isn’t a solution that works, but i will keep working with it and post info’s as i go :wink:

Thank you! I’ll look into it!