Ball trajectory after collision with a bullet

Hi everyone

I’m doing my first UE project, and I’m trying to get a ball do a realistic trajectory after shooting it. Like in the picture. I shoot it in one side, and expect it to go to the side (blue ball), but it goes straight (red) no matter how I shoot it. It rotates how it should, but the trajectory is always straight.

Anyone know how to do it?


Thanks in advance!

I have seen that it works as it should along the vertical axis. Shooting in the lower side of the ball makes it go up. But shooting it either on the right or left side makes it go straight, with the same trajectory.

Hi again.

Making the projectile bigger (like 25% of the ball size) made the collision work almost as intended. Still not completely satisfied, but it works. Anyone knows something that could be done apart from playing with the projectile-ball ratio and the material and physical properties of both?

Physx is not great with this kind of thing, it’s designed for simple game physics, not highly accurate physics.