Ball Puzzle Game

Hi All,

I want to try to make a Ball Puzzle game, similar to that in the new zelda game. Where you just have to get the ball into the hole in order to open a door. Now how would i go about doing this?

Would it be a case of having a trigger box at the bottom of the hole, then have it so only the ball can set it off?
How could i make the trigger box only register the ball and not the player as well?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

make sure the trigger is set to overlap all, then in the blueprint for it, click on the collision component youre using, at the bottom of the details panel you will see a bunch of green plus signs, click the one for OnComponentBeginOverlap. then in the event graph, drag out the Other Component pin (or just Other pin depending on how youre doing this) and type cast to (whatever your Ball Blueprint/Component is called). That will check specifically if your ball touched the trigger

Oh My Gods it’s so simple, thank you very much