Ball Physics/Platform rotation Android

im making an android app and i would like to make the platform rotate (In a 3d way) the way the tablet/phone is rotated
and i want to make a ball go in a random direction and you have to rotate the platform to keep the ball on the platform?

can anyone help me thanks :slight_smile:

This is not the best answer you will receive because I am more a Game Developer from Unity than Unreal (I am totally new on Unreal), but if you want to use random direction, i suggest you to read this page:

So you will learn to use a RandomStreams.

After, you can create a variable named “direction” from an enum or int and with four constants (NORTH, SOUTH, WEST and EAST) and random a number between 1 to 4, so if it’s 1, you get NORTH, 2 you got SOUTH, etc.

I hope someoneelse will give you a better answer. Good luck