Ball physics: Bouncing on floor collider edges

I’m having an annoying problem with a ball rolling on a floor. I’ve built rooms and corridors to graybox things out. The rooms and corridors are made by 2mx2m floor tiles. My problem is that when the ball is moving fast enough for the gameplay, it has a chance to bounce slightly when moving from one tile to another. It’s almost as if it falls into the non-existent crack between them and then bounce back up. I’ve tried this with CCD, remade the collisions, tried engine-generated box colliders vs imported ones and nothing seems to fix it. The only “fix” is to not have a collider on the floor but put them in separately underneath all the tiles and thus removing the edges. But the problem still remains while moving from one large collider to another, i.e. when moving from one room to another or into a corridor or whatever.

Basically whenever the ball rolls over one edge onto another there’s a high chance of a slight skip. Is there any way to get rid of this? :confused:

Have you tried making the collision slightly larger than the floor? You can scale a box collision in the editor, Setting Up Collisions With Static Meshes | Unreal Engine Documentation

Might also want to use sub-stepping Physics Sub-Stepping | Unreal Engine Documentation

I’ve changed the collider size to make it 25% larger and that has reduced the problem somewhat but it still happens. Ideally for the gameplay the ball should roll with a max angular velocity of 2250. But even a velocity of 750 (I didn’t try lower) makes the problem appear, though a lot less than 2250.

Sub-stepping doesn’t seem to have any effect on the problem at all, sadly :/. I also played around with the Smoothing Factor but that also doesn’t appear to do anything to affect this particular scenario.

It also appears to be completely random. Sometimes I will get a drop nearly every shell shift, sometimes I’ll get one every 10 or so.

Did you make any headway on this? I am having the same issue.