Ball of Doom - Destruction and platforming in a sprawling map

Hey there everyone. I originally posted a thread about this game all the way back in 2016. A ton has changed since then.

  • I’ve added tens of thousands of objects to the game. Right now there are 26,000 things to destroy in the game.
  • Enemies, spawn points, and most destructibles are randomized so that each playthrough is different.
  • Harder enemies spawn as your score increases, so at high scores, it can get pretty hectic.
  • There are 17 skins to unlock, both hidden in the map and unlockable by getting high scores.
  • Anything red (or the water) is an instakill, meaning runs are short and addictive.

Ball of Doom is a top-down, singleplayer destruction game where the goal is to get as high a score as possible. Players roll around as a giant wrecking ball and crush everything in sight while platforming and avoiding enemies.

I plan to release the game on Steam in the next couple of months for $1.99 USD. No microtransactions or DLC because I don’t believe in them. Updates would always be free.

Now, here are some screenshots! Everything in the game (other than the music) was made by me. I’ll be posting a gameplay video, but most information can be found at Let me know what you think - I’m always open to feedback.

One of the 4 cities in the game.

There are lots of places to explore. This is the amusement park.

Some areas are filled with traps and enemies.

I tried to make each location unique so things are always interesting.

The whole map. It’s huge!

Keep an eye out for more updates. And thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Quick update; I made a short gameplay video. Let me know what you guys think!