Ball movement via blueprint with visual skew


I’ve been making a blueprint for a project im working on. The blueprint ive made moves a sphere much like a marball with less physics, however the actual visual rotation of the sphere doesnt coincide with the direction. As in the ball will just roll in one direction visually even if its physically changing direction. EG: The texture rolls left even when the balls actually moving right, or down or up for that matter. My blueprint is relatively terrible so if you can reference me to something that improves it that would be great. However if you can figure out why the balls texture makes it look like its moving in one direction when its moving in another than thanks. Or if you can show me a better blueprint for a marball type movement then thats even better. I have looked at many threads on the forum and tried every different suggestion, so far none have worked (In relevance to different blueprints to obtain a marball type physic movement).