Ball game (WIP)

hi all,

as the title says I am attempting to make a ball game, the game will be a timed skill type game with obstacles/challenges and maybe some puzzles or puzzle elements.

at the moment I have my ball rolling just about perfect, might do some tweaking here and there but for the most part it moves just how I want it to.

here is a video of what I have so far.

I was testing the lighting/shadows and the physics, the ball actually rolls a lot smoother then it looks in that video.

I have also started trying to put together a basic HUD, it currently looks like this.

the textures are just place holders for now, I have never done HUD before so I don’t know how far I am going to get with it, as you can see my plan is to have health/lives/special coins and a display showing what buttons your pressing.

I am not a programmer at all but I am going to try and do it all in BP’s (fingers crossed I don’t get stuck too much:p)

so what do you guys think?

feedback/constructive criticism is welcome:)

I was wondering when someone was finally going to make a ball game. Every engine needs one. :slight_smile: Good looking so far, cannot wait for further updates on this.

cant wait to see what you do with this :smiley:

Its a start and its looking good!
Reminds my rolling ball demo I did with the beta, but the camera was a bit bugged :stuck_out_tongue:

Curious to see what you come up with this :smiley:

Just make it better than marble blast! :slight_smile:

What about a pinball game which the player controls a ball : )

Good stuff mate

it was inevitable;)

I remember that, actually I think I still have a copy of your “unreal ball” somewhere on my hard drive:)

I’ll try to:p

wouldn’t that defeat the point of pinball?


small update:

I have recorded the sound of a rolling marble and made it looping, its not perfect but its ok, I have imported it but haven’t implemented it yet.

also I have made a few more textures for my ball, here is a pic

I was thinking of having the top 5 as the default chooseable textures and the other 4 as un-lockable textures, I might make more as well (I will be changing the blue/yellow and black texture because it looks to similar to one of the others).

I made the static mesh for the collectable coins, haven’t textured it yet though:p

I’m going to redo the HUD textures as well because they just don’t look right to me.

One of the B A L L S has to be a Poke’ball. :slight_smile: Also one a Dragonball. :slight_smile:

good idea but I think I would need to get permission;), although one I was thinking about doing is an eyeball.

That would be cool, also maybe do Planet Earth? Or other Planets.