Ball and projectilemovement

Hi everyone,

I write a football game.
I have a ball (an actor with projectilemovement with bounce and radial)
My character hit this ball and ball goes in radial way. (like a football ball)

I need where this ball falldown (touch floor place)

thanks your advice

Hi man ,

From any actor you want, ““get actor of class”” select the ball -blueprint type, (or use any other way to get reference to the ball… actor tag…)
Use “Cast to” if needed and get reference to the Mesh of the ball, use “Get World location”
Now use a raycast and cast a ray from the location of the ballmesh- to down, (ball-mesh + 0,0,100 ?)
In the raycast there is an “Ignore” variable that you can feed in , feed in the actor ball,
Break the result to get the impact point