Ball and chain swinging physics?

I have a mesh that is a cage with a chain attached to it from the ceiling which it can pull up. Just like a ball and chain. The chain is made up of multiple torus meshes and the ball is a simple sphere mesh. How can I have it just swing slightly in the air from the ceiling? Do I animate it in Blender or do I just use physics bodies in UE4? I want a quick and easy solution. This is just for my portfolio for 3D Environment Art.

You can use physics constraints to accomplish this. Here is a video I found that looks relevant.

[quote=“cybereality, post:2, topic:157364”]

You can use physics constraints to accomplish this. Here is a video I found that looks relevant.[/QUOTE]

What if I have something like this? The chain mesh is a bunch of duplicated chainrings in a row. I just want it to swing a tiny bit as if it has moved a while ago. Even some wind simulation effect? Can I use a mesh instead of the default cable mesh that is in UE4 from that video you shared?

Screenshot 2021-02-04 151424.jpg

Yeah, it can work with any model. You might want to group like 3 or 4 chain links together (doing each one would probably be overkill) and that should get you a nice swing.

Physics wise the swing has no bend, so you don’t necessarily need the cable component. You should be able to just link the chain up as a spline point and have it react appropriately.

If you only need this to be a visual effect, why are you wanting to leverage physics? It makes little to no sense.
a material and vector paint to define the strength of the vector offset would be a better/quicker solution.

If you need this for your portfolio and not a game asset.
add a skeleton to it. Make a skeletal mesh. Set up the phat asset and you are good to go. Much faster/better looking than both other options.
you can also animate it in blender and plug the animation into unreal for rendering, which may possibly serve you much better.

Yeah, I agree with you on the last part. I’m just having trouble with sending it to unreal with the official “send to unreal” addon. I put the rig into the rig collection and the mesh into the mesh collection and it won’t export. I could animate it in blender and cache the key frames.

I don’t use that junk, so can’t help you with that.

I would suggest you go the regular route by using the fbx export/import.