Balance is an action game like no other. Requiring fast reflexes and critical thinking you must keep your platform from breaking apart and taking you with it. Using the latest technologies in Unreal 4, advanced physics based gameplay is what Balance is all about. Choose your character and try to survive in singleplayer, competitive multiplayer or co-op.

The first release of Balance will be available February 2017.

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I’m curious to know if anyone has any questions about the gameplay, controls, project or anything else. I love working with Unreal 4, and finally physics are at a point where a game like this is possible. Thanks guys!

I’m generally not a fan of this kind of games since I feel like I’d get bored of it quickly enough, but I like the art direction and effects shown in the video. The opening scene with the personage looking around and the stars in the background is stunning.

Thanks man, well obviously Unreal is great at graphics. I really love the effects I can do in this engine and I’ve been using Unreal for a long time. So thank you very much I’ll definitely be showing more soon.