Baking tool for UE4?

Hello UE4 Members!

I would like to know, what baking tools do most game developers use for UE4 environments and characters?

The workflow in interest is from Zbrush>MARI/Substance Painter(Skin)>Marvelous Designer(Clothes if any)>Motion Builder w/Faceware and Perception Neuron Animation>UE4

Any thoughts?

Substance does does a great job with baking, and is quick.

I agree with @ZacD


We have integrated bakers in Substance Designer and Painter. You can also use our batch tools to command line batch baking.


Substance Designer baker is my favorite presently, but I still use xNormal quite often.

Knald Knald » Knald

Ive always wondered about
Substance Vs xNormal VS Knald…

Can they bake inside Zbrush and Marmoset as well as UE4?
(Meaning both baking in the respective baker first then import
Also baking within the Zbrush,Marmo, and UE4 themselves)

Any ideas guys?

Substance IMO does a much better job than xNormal. You get great results without a cage, there’s a few tricks you can do you fix projection issues without having to do it by hand, and it’s not an extra step if you are already using painter in your workflow.

Got it,

Just a question, if I was using Substance for Everything besides character skin and eyes which I will do in MARI,
Would it be possible to bake in MARI or would I have to bring it into Substance to bake?

Anyone thoughts?

You can bake in Mari and import those maps into Painter. Painter is using mikkt space for normal if the FBX file does not contain tangents. If the FBX does contain tangents, then it will use those for the tangent basis. I use UE4 so I don’t export tangents in the FBX and let both Painter and UE4 compute the tangent as they both use mikkt.