Baking normals shows some of the low res model?

Hello, I’m making weapons for my game and I’m pretty new to Blender, I don’t exactly understand baking but I’ve followed along some tutorials. Basically the process I take is: make low res model, copy that and make the hi res model, copy the low res model for baking, copy that copy and displace it to make a cage, export the low, high and cage to xNormal and hit go.

My issue is that the low res model seems to be showing up in some parts of the normal map, but mostly it is the high res model. I’ve attached the normal map. The blue circles are the weird “low res seams” and the red circle is just a completely messed up part. I think some other part of the model is being pasted on top of that. Can someone give me some pointers on how to fix this? I’ll attach my blend file too. Thanks.

Blend file:…fTh610JWxcjAII

A picture of what I made just for reference. You can’t really tell the normal is messed up in some spots but I’d like to fix it and avoid it in the future.

In Blender, 3DCoat and UE4, the halberd is more like 1.3 meters not millimeters, so idk what went wrong there. As for my workflow, it’s basically what you described but in a different order. I make the low poly without giving much mind to fine details, then copy that and add edge loops/subsurf to create the hi poly. You just do that but you make the hipoly first and then delete edge loops. It’s the same process essentially but instead of having to think about which edges to delete or vertices to move, I can just add them on to the hi res.

I haven’t heard of needing to put the low res model scaled over the hi res model, is that possibly why I’m having baking issues? I’ve been keeping the 2 models at the same location and scale when baking but surrounding them with a cage, so they’re basically inside of each other, although the low res model being more edged will not be inside the smoothed curves of the hi res model at all. You can see what I’m talking about here, the cage is hidden btw.

These are coincidentally the two parts I’m getting issues from when baking as well, and they are the only 2 parts which aren’t completely overlapping the hi/res models together. Maybe not a coincidence then?