Baking Interiors with or without?

Do you guys bake with materials/textures applied to the meshes or do you bake with all in 1 white material and then apply the materials after baking?

I noticed if i put a tan wood floor and bake, it makes my white walls slight yellow since the sun hits the floor and bounces off the color to bleed. Chamging the floor to another material works well but the walls are still yellowish. But if i bake with a more darker tone wood or even a white floor, the walls are nicely whitish toned for any floor changes after baking. You guys noticed this? Makes a huge difference. And if its a known issue, how do you stop the color from bleeding too much to sorounding materials. And I am aware it happens in real life, but seems like its a bit too much. Oh… and setting the light bounce to 100 , really makes the color bleeding more intense.

If you don’t want the effect you can bake it with white but I don’t think most people would do that

You can adjust the bouncing a bit with the diffuse boost setting. Normally color bouncing is a desired effect, and arc viz people will generally only use the temporary white material if they want the material of something to be dynamically swap-able (or picking an averaged value works as well).

Ahh… makes sense. Now, difuse boost setting? Would that be under world settings? I dont recall seeing that.

You can use a node called gireplace or something like that, you put a white color there and bingo, problem solved forever.

Oh wow! Will look into that! Thxs

Lol… google gireplace. Nothing but “ue4 fireplace” comes up. Anyone know the exact node?

I dont think we need do that, because sometimes we need the “Color Bleed” effect to Room.
Personally i would not do that.