Baking facial animation from Sequencer results in broken anim

Hi there,

I have a new problem: basically I’m trying to animate a blink (so that the character running around would occasionally blink). I am using sequencer for that inside Unreal. After baking, the animation looks very different, and I can see some random curves got animated without my direct involvement.

I thought, okay, I will try to animate this in Maya and import back into Unreal. I didn’t find a way to directly import bone animations, but I have managed to export the control rig, which can later be applied to the face of the metahuman in the sequencer by using import control rig fbx option. As with the previous attempt, the animation looks good in sequencer, but after baking it, it becomes broken (eyes half closed, desynced). Providing gifs below:


Any suggestions appreciated.


I have had a similar problem, and just gave up on it. Did you find any solution? The reason I ask is that now when I try to go from maya fbx to control rig fbx option in the sequencer I have the same problem; the eye controller anim shows up but none of the face shapes animate. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



solution to my problem is in the option at the bottom of the import fbx to ctrl rig for the Face_ControlBoard_CtrlRig. I set Control Mapping Preset to be Metahuman Control Mappings. Then all the face anim comes thru properly.


Wow thanks DLand! I will have to test this out, great find! I will have to do some tests on the weekend and see what kind of results I’m getting. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: