Baking Animation Sequence of a MetaHuman [UE 4.27]

I am trying to bake a simple animation with my MetaHuman that I can export as an FBX file, but it comes off deformed. I am working in UE 4.27.
I arranged my animation in Sequencer, then I baked it into an Animation Sequence. The animation plays correctly in the editor, however, when I open the baked Animation Sequence, the body completely deforms.
I find it strange since I baked one sequence of another MH before and it looked perfectly fine. I am positive I did the same steps last time as well.
Is it an export issue or did something go wrong during animating?
I attach screenshots from the Animation Sequence – A-Pose and the last frame pose – as well as the last frame pose in the editor itself.

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OK, I finally managed to fix it myself nad the solution is quite easy. In case someone faces a similar issue, here’s what I did:

  1. Open Quixel Bridge and go to your MetaHuman.

  2. Click on the three dots under their name and choose Download Again.

  3. Open your Unreal Engine project.

  4. In Bridge, try to Export your MH (even if you have that MH in your project already).

You should get a pop-up in Unreal that tells you to overwrite the character manually; “The character you are trying to import already exists […]”
Copy that message! Paste it in the Notepad or wherever you like.

  1. Go to the FROM directory listed in the message, go to the MetaHuman folder (one folder back) and copy the WHOLE FOLDER OF YOUR METAHUMAN.

The directory should look something like this:
/Megascans Library/Downloaded/DHI/abcdEFGH_asset/2k/asset_ue_source/MetaHumans/Ada
The directory written in the message will lead you to specific MH files but it is important to copy the whole folder named after your MetaHuman!

  1. Go to the TO directory listed in the message, go to the MetaHuman folder (one folder back) and paste the whole folder here and overwrite everything!

So in similar directory to: /MyProject/Content/MetaHumans

  1. Open your project and bake the animation again.
    it should look just fine now.

I believe there’s little to no difference between overwriting all files inside the folder and overwriting the whole folder. Yet, for some reason this way around just worked for me.
Anyway, the ultimate solution is: downloading the MH again and overwriting its files.

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