Baked lights affecting characters

I have a quick lighting question…
I made a scene where i set all my geometry to static my directional light to stationary and skylight to stationary. All of my point and spotlights are static so they should be baked on to mesh.
After I build the lights everything looks fine but when i move with the character over the place where my point light was baked, character gets affected by the light. Some point lights have high intensity and are close to the ground but if they are baked why are they still affecting my character?

Any help is appreciated!

Baking the lights doesn’t make the light disappear for dynamic objects, it just makes the lighting performance better for static objects. To choose which lights affect what, both your meshes and your lights have an option where it says “Lighting channels”. So if you want your characters to be unaffected by light completely, turn off all the channels there. Or use a different lighting channel for both your character and those lights you want your character to be affected by.

Thanks for the tip! So I tried what you said and it works perfectly. But when I bake lights, the same thing happens. I have my character in Light Channel 1 and meshes and Point Light on Channel 0.

Bumping this hoping to get some more feedback on this

did you fix this ?