Baked Keyframe Animation from Maya LT

Hey Unreal-Guys,

currently I am stuck at a tricky problem for me.
At my current game project I have to import some 3D models into UE4 they have only keyframe animations.
And at this point my problems are getting weird.

Here my workflow in case you want to understand what I’m doing:

  1. Animate anything in my normal keyframe way.
  2. Bake the animation.
  3. Combine the model.
  4. Export the model (a useless bone is applied to the model for UE4).
  5. Import the model as a skeleton mesh in UE4.

…and no animation is there.
Everything is imported correctly, but when I check the animation nothing will happend.
The model stays static, no animation is playing.

Is there a trick to get this working, or is there something that I have forget?
I hope someone can help me out of that. :wink:

My export settings in maya:

Kind regards

I just tried it out here, it didn’t work for me using the default FBX version. Change it to 2013.

Hey there,

thank you for your time.
I tried this out, but I’ve get still the some result. No animation is there.

I uploaded one of my testing models, there is a simple animation via keyframes applied.
Maybe there is something that I’ve done wrong. Im not the modelling pro at all.

Maya LT File

Kind regards

I’ll have a look when i get home for ya

I Couldn’t look at the file, using regular Maya 2015 and it can’t open mlt files :confused: , maybe you can upload an fbx file.

Step 3: Combine the Model ?? What do you mean by that?

If the animation already are baked maybe you should try to export it without the “Bake animation” checked.

Anyway this is how I sometimes do it (very rough toturial :slight_smile: ):


I only got a quick look at it tonight, it may have something to do with your workflow. I’ll have a better look tomorrow!

Guys, thank you so much for your help!

In case of that model that I’ve posted above, this model is made up of some primitives, I combine these primitives in the end to one model.
If I don’t do that, UE4 will import each part of the model as one mesh…and I had to build up the complete model in UE4 again.

Sure. Thank you for your closer look at this.
>>FBX File](

Thank you for this, but in my specific case is the model an old elevator door, in this case I have no idea how I should rig that correctly.

Definitely, it could be. :smiley:
Thank you for your time.

Kind regards

Hey guys,

I have exactly the same problem as X.

Is there any new information regarding keyframed animations without bones? I’m pretty much needing it :smiley: