baked 3ds animation to UE4

I have a question regarding import animations from 3ds max to UE4.

I made the very simple animation in max using the PF then I used the script PFlow Baker.
This way, I baked every single mesh parts animation frame by frame.

How to import it into the Unreal and run without bones?
is it possible?
Preparation of each element (500, 1000, 1500 parts) with bones is crazy and unreal ; )

Thank you very much for your help or any idea how to do it.

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You’ll need to rig all those pieces to individual bones and then link all of them to a root bone. Without adding bones i dont think you can bring that animation to UE4.

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In this case it will not be easy.

it is possible !! I made it without bones and it is very very quickly. is not a real simulation like using PhysX but allows to move any baked animation from 3ds max to the EU.
It will describe in a moment.

You don’t have to rig to bones, as long as they are individual meshes that have basic transform animations (translate, rotate, scale) then you need to link all of the objects to a single root object (can be a dummy) and then export using FBX. In the FBX export options enable the Bake Animation section. When importing to UE4 make sure it’s set to import as a Skeletal Mesh and then check the Import Rigid Animations box.