"Bake Pivot to Vertex" import mesh option - from Blender

Hi guys!
Please, i need help importing a static mesh from Blender.

I need to maintain the pivot point configured in Blender when importing to UE4… so i check “Bake Pivot to Vertex” option when importing… the pivot looks great, but it mess with the object´s scale…
UE4 shows the warning “the imported mesh is very small”… if i do not check the “Bake Pivot to Vertex” option, the scale is fine, but the pivot is not in the desired place.

In Blender export i set to FBX and the scale to “All Local”, and my scene scale to Meters.

Maybe is it a bug with this experimental “Bake Pivot to Vertex” feature?

Thanks a lot for your time! :wink:

The problem was the scale in Blender… Set the Scene Units to “Centimeters” (the same as Unreal) works like a charm :slight_smile: