Bake Material to Flipbook || UE4 Art Tool proof of concept

This tool bakes materials into flipbooks.
There is a similar tool in the engine but I couldn’t figure out how to use it.

A potential use could be if you create a material that is uses too many instructions for actual gameplay the result can be saved into a flipbook. There could also be some application to LOD management.

The render target previewed is 1024x1024

Personally I haven’t really used flipbooks much in the past. I put this together as a way to learn more about how to use flipbooks. I’m thinking my next project will involve making a smoke material which is fed into the flipbook and then into a particle system. I’m hoping using this method will allow for more control of the results.

That said, to those of you who do use flipbooks in your game development, is this a tool that you would find helpful? If so, I could put more time into it and publish.

Also, what kinds of ui controls should be included for this to be more useful?