Bake Material Position Offset Doesn't Work


Bake Material Position Offset doesn’t seem to be working with tiled landscapes. When I check it on each landscape tile the collision doesn’t change. i.e I make a hole using WPO and I still get to walk on the empty surface as if it was not deformed using WPO.

Version: 4.12-4.13

It, works, but not too accurate.



Hey, how is that supposed to work? I just tested it like that: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

… After checking “Bake Material Position Offset Into Collision” it says that it rebuilds grass maps, but when I play, the character falls through the terrain, so the terrain that you see on my screenshot doesn’t have any collision at all. It also blinks, maybe because of bound culling, since it has a big offset…?

… Is it because the landscape is still visually offset and the ‘true’ collision is created at non-offset location…? I don’t know. Any ideas? I’m on 4.22.
I’d be grateful for any working example. Maybe I do something wrong.

Thank you for posting something like this