Bake animation sequence material not working

Hi guys!

I’m trying to bake an animation that I’ve done in sequencer using FK Control Rig and Material parameters, in an actor skeletal mesh.

However, when I bake it using “Bake Animation Sequence” inside of sequencer, the resulting sequence shows the skeletal mesh prefectly animated, but the material parameter animations are not shown. I’ve tested ticking and unticking “Export Material Curves” in the baking options, but nothing happens.

Does any one know why this occurs? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much!


Having the same problem! Keyframed changes don’t show in the preview or in the world. It doesn’t seem to be making it through the bake, but I don’t know how to confirm if the keyframes are being baked or not.

For a more thorough breakdown of the problem I’m personally having:

  1. In the sequencer, I added a track to control a Material Element parameter. This changes my face drawing texture UV coordinates via a parameter on a material instance. SequenceBakeProblem01

  2. I select all the “tracks” in the sequencer, right click, and choose “Bake Animation Sequence” (or Create Linked Animation Sequence, but I don’t know the difference)

  3. I export with these options

  4. The resulting animation doesn’t seem to carry over the Material Element information (the face it defaulted to was the face at index number 0, the default value on the material instance)

I found an answer to my problem, maybe it’ll be the answer to yours. It took a slightly different route than I expected, but helped me set things up the way Unreal expects things I guess: Editing Materials with Control Rig | Tutorial