Bake Actor to file

Say you have an actor which does a lot in its construction script with placing static meshes and instanced meshes. Is it possible to then bake all of the instances and meshes into a file so when the game reloads it doesn’t have to re place all the instances?

But if it was to be baked, it would never change, and if it would never change, there’s no point putting it in the construction script… or am i missing something?

Sorry, I forgot to specify that in my instance the construction script is building it with transform or random data. Which if it is a form of random procedural generation, you don’t need to lay out a city map every time you load it. It should generate once then be saved.

Save games sound like the ticket.


Thanks! Say I packed transforms of a whole bunch of static meshes. Would it cause a massive performance bottleneck loading them all back in at the same time? Or would it just cause the same prefoance cost as if they were added through the lifetime of the game rendering? Essentially, is it bad to load a bunch of meshes at once? Like 50-200?

Personally… i dont know.
in theory, you are reading from the disk the positions of all the objects, and then spawning them all in the world, and restoring any variables on them… or going through and actually creating all of them in the construction script. so would both be closely matched i would have thought.