Badsize error everywhere

My player start has the badsize error everywhwere. It only loses the Badsize error when it’s 80 feet above the ground. Anyone know what might be causing it?

Try deleting it and dragging a new one in. Might sort the problem.

Thanks Steve. I did that and it had no badsize error until I moved it anywhere. In game though I still can’t move anywhere using the front and back arrow keys, exept for a tiny area. There seems to be total blocking volumes nearly everywhere rooting me to the spot so I can just look around. I have speedtrees everywhere but in other levels they don’t exhibit an outsized blocking volume. Anyone know why I can’t move around in game?

Well since UE4 never answers any of these questions. The issue is that you added a mesh that has messed up collisions and it caused the issue over the entire map. We had a similar issue and a mesh I had worked on in Blender had collisions all messed up, simply clicking No Collisions on the mesh fixed the issue.