Badges I earned last year aren't showing in my profile

I completed a number of unreal learning courses last year alongside my college course, which for some reason aren’t showing in my profile now. Is the badge system being removed or is this a just a delay due to migration?
Thanks in advance for any help

Hi @diablo3191,

During the migration from Unreal Online Learning to the Epic Developer Community, there were some issues around the import. This should be fully resolved within the next two weeks. We’re working on a fix for this at the moment.


Hi @SkyeEden,

Thanks for your update on this, I’ve experienced the same issue as @diablo3191 described above and unfortunately I still cannot see my badges, favourited courses or my completed courses on my profile.

Do you maybe have on update on this?



It turns out this will be an ongoing process for a few weeks due to several other issues being resolved simultaneously. Though you have our word, we intend to resolve this as soon as possible.


Hi @SkyeEden,

same here, no badges at all - any update, when this will be resolved?


Hi, same problem, my badges are not in my profile.