Bad Word Filter

The ultimate bad word filter for Unreal Engine 4, allowing you to check any piece of text (string) for any bad words via one blueprint function!

This bad word filter works in conjunction with a whitelist functionality, preventing common misconceptions from occurring. For example, the word “assistance” will not be mistaken for the curse word “***” by the filter, since the word “assistance” is in the whitelist.

This Bad Word Filter works through a Blueprint Function Library, allowing you to call any of the filter’s functions from any other blueprint at any time!

New words are constantly being added through frequent updates!

Types of words blocked:
Curse Words
Bad Phrases
Inappropriate Words
Offensive Terms

One-function-word check for any text.
2 extra functions for fetching both the bad words and the whitelisted words.
Over 800 (& counting) bad words included.
Easy to add more words and customize the system.
Demo scene.
Fully commented blueprint code.
Full documentation (see below).



Version 1.0.0

Bad Word Count: 841
Whitelisted Word Count: 20,000
Compatible with UE 4.10

C++ version coming very soon! (sold separately)

I already made a few systems like this before, so here are a few suggestions:

  • Add a node for deciding which word will be replaced, so instead of ““->”” it could be “***”->“!RUDE!”, or simply, “You’re being an ***”->“Comment censured”. Just make things as dynamic as you can think.
  • For the whitelists, make sure you add wildcards.
  • Make a blacklist, based on wildcards as well.

Still, nice addon :slight_smile:

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