Bad Weather

This is My First Test With Short Animation

I’m Used The Character From Boy With Kite

Hope You Like IT

Made By : Mahmoud Fahmy

Wow that is awesome. Love the lighting and shadows you were able to pull off and the change with the rain. Awesome man.

Thank you Man

Is there a video or screenshot that’s supposed to accompany the post? All I see is text.

Ya And This IS The Video

Strange, it doesn’t show anything on my iPad. I can see it via browser though. Looks good. =)

Yeah I don’t see anything either. This blows. All I got is iPhone. Oh well

If your on an iPad or iPhone you won’t see it cause it’s a Vimeo vid. iOS doesn’t run Vimeo and not sure if there is a plugin or alt browser/app you could use to see it.

How do you record videos so good from inside the engine?

I’m Not Record I’m Export As Movie

From the matinee editor, you can export as a movie and specify your dimensions and fps among other things.

Can you post the vimeo link please?
Vimeo videos can be watched through Safari iOS directly. This may or may not be a mobile forum software limitation however. Unless you tagged the link incorrectly?

Cheers :slight_smile: