Bad UI Design - Suggested Fix - Sequencer 'items selected' covers important info

You’ve put the “Items selected” popup over the top of the item in the Sequencer. When there’s lots of items and there’s no room to scroll further down, the last item in the list can’t be seen, even though it can still be clicked on.

Here are 3 options for how it can be fixed:

  • Move the popup to another location
  • Add a buffer the width of 1 item to the scroll bar, so you can scroll down far enough that you can see the last item still
  • My favorite, have the “items selected” popup fade out (reduce opacity) when the cursor is over it so you can see it properly.

It’s not major, but it is sloppy.


You can see here I have no way of telling what this last track is controling.

Hi MisterSmail,

I ran into this frustration as well. As a temp workaround I found that you can disable the visibility of ‘Status Bar’ to hide this.

Oh, wonderful. Thank you!