Bad Size Player Start - Paper2D

Hello everyone

I am making a simple Paper2D game. But when I place a player start in my game, it changes to Bad Size. I already tried adjusting the collision and so, but nothing helped. I remade the game and in some games the character would spawn but would not move and in other games the character would spawn but in an other Y-value (because of bad size).

What can I do to solve this problem? Also I watched some tutorials on YouTube and in those tutorials they use the view mode Front instead of Perspective, but I have to use Right in order to see it. Has it something to do with this or is it something completely different.

Thanks in advance.

What it sounds like is your spawning inside a collision mesh or placed the player start in one. You can turn on collision viability by a few different menu options or ALT-C

Most common reason is auto collision on import