Bad player start from a revit fbx file

Error message: Bad player start.

After reading a bit I thought moving it outside doesnt help anything, it still says the same thing. I read that it is because of collision boxes etc, possibily that is true but how do I solve that? I imported a big fbx and it looks the like units are imported as separate units but how to fix it? I read something about blocking boxes, I have no idea what that is nor how to do it but if the fbx is the problem then I do not understand why it still says the same error when I put the playerstart outside.

I had something similar happen a little while back, it took me a while to pin it down… only to roll my eyes that I hadn’t spotted it before.

One of the biggest reasons you get ‘Bad Player Start’, is if the start location is wholly or partially inside a collision box for some geometry. Usually this is fairly obvious; if it’s physically in a piano, for instance, this won’t work.

This can also happen if you, for instance, have all the levels in a multi level building be ‘one object’, and let Unreal make the collision on import via datasmith; you can often end up with the collision ‘box’ encompassing the entirety of the building.

That one time that it really got me? It’d also done this to the skysphere that was imported. The whole thing was a giant collider.

A good test is to either turn collision off for everything, or choose to import the fbx again and uncheck ‘generate collision’ from the dialogue box; you can always go in afterwards and re-generate collision for the bits you want it on.

don’t know your problem exactly what it is but I know from my experience that FBX from Revit is NO NO! Reason is you dont know who build your models and family in Revit, is it optimize and is geometry ok. Development is still not on that level that we expect and because of that best way for you (I am doing like that) separate BIM and rendering. Make new optimized model in max maya or something else form that Revit file to make complete model in modeling engine. After that delete revit file it is so buggy.