Bad Perfomance in Viewport

I have bad perfomance in viewports in Only one project. When i am moving around it is lagging. But if i open another project everything is ok.
What could cause that ? Game i am making is very small. But, i have glowy materials. Could that cause this problem.
If i open Blueprint without any glow it is still lagging, i tried changing my opened map to empty level but still lagging.

Hey Eldinhelja,

In order to better assist you, it’s suggested that you post a question to AnswerHub. Please be as detailed as possible on AnswerHub so we can help you as quickly as possible.

Thank you and have a great day! :slight_smile:

Hey Smatnha,

I had that problem, like whole editor slowed down. When I play the game FPS is 20-, I was like working on one project and everything was ok. Soo i finished work wanted to rest closed the editor. And when i opened my project again everything was laggy,I didnt like do anything. After 30 minutes messing around closing and oppening restarting PC, Perfomance was still bad.
And thing I did is i opened one of my previous projects closed it and opened again project I am working on FPS IS 100+
Dont know what happened there, sorry for not responding earlier.

Thanks, cheers :slight_smile:


Could you please submit a question to AnswerHub so that someone can assist you further. Please upload your DXDiag logs to the AnswerHub post.