Bad Name Index Error on Packing

Whenever I try to pack my game it keeps having the error:

"LogInit: Display: LogLinker: Error: Bad Name index -1/96"

"LogInit: Display: LogLinker: Error: Bad Name index -1/108"

Please someone help me, I’ve spent so much time in this project, I already have searched the error in the internet but none of the ones I’ve found is similliar to me nor have answers.

I’ve fixed the log here.

Check the lines around where the errors first appear in your logs. Those assets might be the culprit.

Looking at the log I think you should check the following:

  • you’re missing the crouch action used in the Ue4ASP_Character. Add the binding and see if an error disappears.
  • open the WaveMode asset and check if all is good. Save asset even if it look ok.

I had this same problem a minute ago and fixed it by checking my animations, skeletons and physics assets for errors.

Hope it helps.

I’m going through a similar issue, and haven’t found a fix for mine yet. But for yours, at least the first error you’re getting, I found that setting the Default Touch Interface in your Project Settings > Input menu to ‘none’ gets rid of that error.

For anyone show still has this issue. You can find the asset causing this by building the engine from source and adding breakpoints [here][1] and [here][2]. Loading the project then already triggers the breakpoints. In the stacktrace you can then find the call to UObject::Serialize(FArchive & Ar) which will reveal the name of the asset that is causing the issue:

In my case BT_Unit_Default. Which is a Behavior tree. I made a new Behavior tree and copied all the nodes into it and that fixed the issue. I guess it was some internal error in the behavior tree.

Same issue, I found the problem by changing the “verbosity” :

Change Cooker Progress Display Mode to Names and Remaining Packages in

Project Settings / Engine - Cooker

It’ll display the progression file by file, at least you’ll know were to search the issue (resaving/compiling file, …)

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I cannot find this option there - or anywhere for that matter. DId they remove it?

I have still the option in 4.21.2

Mine is 4.19.2 - might be the issue, I guess I shall try updating. In the meantime I did find the problematic asset, my main model - renamed it at the beginning, showed no signs of problems but I guess it was allergic to that after all. Now it’s fixed.

Moved the assets in small groups to a new project and checked packaging for the error - and when the model was copied over: boom. Easy - just timeconsuming as hell.

Ignore the “Verbosity”. That just means how descriptive the names will be. Right now it’s only showing numbers because it’s set to only do that.

Go to Project Settings - Engine - Cooker and you’ll see a drop-down list near the bottom that says Cooker Progress Display mode. Change this to Names and Remaining Packages.

Unfortunately, this didn’t make a difference for me and the name is still 1/142.
I remember when I had this issue before, I had to just go through my content folder and arbitrarily cut out asset folders a bunch at a time and re-compile between until I found the faulty asset. Basically, the error means there’s a botched file somewhere. Usually, it’s an asset that was deleted from the content browser, but still got left behind in the content folders. By cutting out the assets in batches, you’ll be able to figure out which folder it’s in, and hopefully narrow things down.