Bad motion blur in render [UE 4.27]

Hello everyone, I don’t know English well, I use a translator. I am creating videos on an unreal engine, I recently upgraded from 26 to 27. on a new version of the motion blur problem. Help fix this

if you’re using MRQ, you should increase the temporal samples, and try changing the camera shutter speed (motion blur) from 0.5 to 1

does not work((

at these settings double frame is corrected, but the quality of motion blur is terrible
if you set the value of temporal sample count to more than 1, then the frame is doubled


try 4 spatial, 4 temporal
higher quality render takes more time
if you want to save time, you try turning on anti-alias to TAA as well

no result

is it possible to get an answer from the unreal engine developer?

I have the exact same problem i turned off the motion blur but my render looks like this

I don’t know what to do