Bad import/export from 3ds max to Unreal

Hi there,

I can’t figure out how to solve my problem, the following is the file i have in Autodesk 3DS Max:

I set the following options:

So now, if I take a look to the generated fbx file (with a fbx visualizer) I look this form:


But if I import into UE by setting the following checks:

I got this (flipped chair):

So I have been trying different options whiles importing from 3ds max, and while exporting to unreal, but every time I get the same result.

I tried reseting Xform in each mesh, and setting to zero pivot from 3ds max. But having no success.

Any suggestions?

have you tried to group the chair parts together? or just add an edit Poly modifier and attach them?

abt xform; make sure you collapse to edit mesh or poly. Don’t leave it as multi modifiers in the stack.